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All the tech know-how to get you set up on TBP for the best viewing experience.

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There are many ways to access TBP and also many different devices to use, so this guide should help you to work out what's best for you.

We currently have 2 main ways of accessing TBP content which is:

1 - The Teambodyproject.com website

2 - Team Body Project Apps: iOS, Android, Roku TV and Apple TV

The first method of accessing TBP is the website which has many more features than the Apps at this stage, so you should think of the website as your home at TBP.

The website dashboard gives you lots of options that we can't yet do with the apps, but soon the apps will catch up, in fact we are currently working on the website and the apps talking to each other.

You can see all the features you get with the website compared to our current apps in the chart below:

The website can be accessed via any web browser on a wide variety of devices including: DESKTOP COMPUTER, IPAD, LAPTOP, ANDROID PHONE, IPHONE

SMART TV, ANDROID TV and others.

The Second way of accessing TBP is via the dedicated apps we have for Smart Phone and TV viewing:

Team Body Project iOS App:
Download on the Apple Store for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad)

Team Body Project Android App:

Download on Google Play for Android devices

Team Body Project Roku App:

Add Channel on Roku Store

Team Body Project Apple TV:

Add Channel on Apple Store

To learn more about our Apps please read the Devices Guide

So you can easily access the TBP website on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, desktop computer and TV using a browser on that single device, and you can access the TBP mobile apps on smartphones and Roku app on your smart TV.

That is great if you are happy using TBP on a single device BUT, what if you want to LOG IN and VIEW on 2 different devices?

The main reason for this is when members want to watch TBP on their TV... So let's cover that now:

There are many different ways to watch TBP on your TV, here are a few different scenarios from our members:

David G - uses his Smart TV browser to log into the website and view the videos:

Sandra M - logs in to the website on her laptop then casts the video to the Chromecast enabled TV:

Gabriel T - Connects her Roku device to the TV and uses the TBP Roku app:

Yusef A - Uses his iPhone to access the mobile app then casts the video to the TV using AirPlay with Apple TV:

Andre K - Uses a HDMI lead to plug his laptop directly into the TV:

Wow, that's a lot of different ways you can access TBP right?

Now it's time for you to work out your best setup with the equipment you have...

To work out your choice of scenarios to try out, firstly you should make a list of the devices you have access to:


You have an iPhone, Smart TV & Laptop

This combination of devices provides the following options:

Single device use:

• Login and view on the iOS App

• Login and view on the Website via a browser

Smart TV:
• Login and view on the website via the Smart TV browser


• Login and view on the Website

If you are happy with single device use, then you are good to go, and there is no need to purchase any extra hardware. However, please keep reading if you would like to watch TBP on your TV! and workout in your living room!.

Here are the methods you would use that require additional hardware to connect to your TV if you have the iPhone, Smart TV and Laptop configuration:

Login to TBP App (or website) on your iPhone:
& view on TV using HDMI Lead (£10)

& view on TV using Chromecast (£30)

&view on TV using Apple TV/ AirPlay (£150)

& view on TV using Amazon Fire TV (£50)

Login to TBP Website on your Laptop:
& view on TV using HDMI Lead (£10)

& view on TV using Chromecast (£30)

&view on TV using Apple TV/ AirPlay (£150)

& view on TV using Amazon Fire TV (£50)

Login to TBP App on Roku TV:

& view on TV directly using Roku device (£40)

When using the streaming devices, you have both the option to cast using the button that's on the videos or to mirror the screen to the TV, we will explain how to do both methods later.

With these multiple scenarios, it's best to test each one out to see which brings the best results, there is no formula that matches everyone; it's down to the spec of the individual devices you have and how they can work together.

Now that you have your list of devices, you can use the tables below to see which scenarios you can test out.

Connect your device to your TV:

To check your TV connectivity, look for your device at the top, i.e. Laptop, then look down the list see which methods you can use.

Connect a popular streaming device to your TV to allow your devices to cast to it.

The most simple and recommended method of streaming to your TV, especially using the dedicated Roku app

please note:
You may have Chromecast built-in to your TV if it's an Android TV or SONIQ model
It is possible to log in and view TBP on XBOX (Microsoft Edge app) and PS4 (Web browser) but the video players do not perform that well



  • HDMI TO LIGHTNING LEAD for iPhone/ iPad

  • HDMI TO USB-C LEAD for Android phone/ Tablet

  • HDMI TO MICRO USB LEAD Android phone/ Tablet


If there is a connection between your device and TV, either screen mirroring or casting (using the cast button on the videos) is possible.










All the premium member videos on the website and app will show the 'Casting' button when casting is active:

For more info: There is a dedicated article with a detailed setup guide for each of the methods above called: How to watch TBP on your TV

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