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Stay safe from fraud on TBP
Stay safe from fraud on TBP
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Stay safe from online fraud and identity theft on TBP


Our first priority is to protect our customers from online fraud and identity theft so we recommend that all users adhere to the following advice as a precautionary measure: 

  • Install malware software – see the support article for recommendations

  • Change your other account passwords like Google every 90 days or 30 days

  • Use secure passwords with 7 characters minimum

  • When making any payments online, make sure you only have one window open

  • Monitor bank statements regularly

  • Rather than use your mobile to make payments, use your protected desktop computer, and never make payments on public WIFI

  • Never enter your passwords or account details on public computers

  • Never use a free WIFI network when in public unless verified by the establishment you are at

  • Use PayPal if possible rather than entering in card details

  • Always make sure your browser is up to date

  • Regularly update your computer software

  • Backup your files regularly

  • Make sure you set a WIFI password on your router (WPA/ WPA2)

  • Always verify emails from your bank before clicking on links

  • Never click on a link you did not expect to receive

  • Use different passwords on different sites

  • Never reuse your main email password

  • If in doubt, block – any friend requests on Facebook etc

  • Think about ID fraud before you tweet and share information

  • If you have a ‘find my phone’ ‘wipe my phone’ feature, use it

  • Only shop on secure sites – look for the padlock in the address bar and https

  • Don’t assume banks will pay you back – it is your responsibility to stay safe

  • Use a credit card where possible or Paypal. Not debit card

  • Ignore pop-ups and install ad-blocker

  • Have more than one email account, add one for junk mail, shopping sites

  • Macs are still venerable, despite what some people say!

  • Do not store your card details on websites

  • Enable 2 step verification where possible

  • Always lock your phone and devices after use

  • Be careful on auction sites, and only pay with PayPal no matter what the seller says

  • Lock down your Facebook page, regularly check your Facebook settings

Here are some recommendations for anti-virus software..

Search Google for the following products: 

Best Free anti-virus software

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 

  • Avira Free Security Suite

  • AVG AntiVirus Free

  • SpyBot Search & Destroy

  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Best Paid anti-virus software (with free trials)

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 

  • Avast anti-virus

  • Kaspersky

  • Pand

  • F-Secure

Remember always stay safe online and report any suspicious activity to our support team immediately


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