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Workout Categories explained
Workout Categories explained
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Boxing workouts use punches and old school movements to improve cardio and muscle tone in a fun way.

Expect: Toning, cardio health, fat loss, fun.


Cardio workouts feature continuous intense movements that are focused on heart and lung health and fat burning.

Expect: Heart and lung health, endorphins, high-calorie burn, fat loss.


Circuit based workouts feature a combination of resistance training and cardio for a total body toning and cardio session.

Expect: High-calorie burn, fat loss, toning, broad results, intense pace.


Instructional sessions are focused on improving technique and engagement and should not be seen as workouts. They have no difficulty level, so the exercises range from beginner to advanced.

Expect: Improved technique, exercise intelligence, knowledge, confidence.

Low impact

Low impact workouts reduce the intensity on the joints by removing all 'jumping' based moves. To be specific, in a low impact movement, one foot must always remain on the ground.


Mobilisation workouts feature a variety of movements that will develop flexibility, engagement and overall movement capability. They also reduce the chance of injury.

Expect: Toning, flexibility, mobility, reduced chance of injury.


Pilates workouts feature carefully constructed movements that improve core strength, movement capability and reduce the chance of injury.

Expect: Toning, balance, mobility, flexibility, engagement, core strength.


Resistance workouts are slower and more controlled workouts, focused on developing muscle tone and strength, using dumbbells or body weight.

Expect: Toning, muscle building, strength, exercise intelligence, low impact.


Standing workouts are 100% on the feet without mat transitions.

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