What are Sculptors?

Resistance training, add ons, plug on workouts

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Sculptors are 10-15 minute ‘add-on’ resistance based workouts that attach to your workout plans. 

They are designed to add on to our workout programs to help improve muscle tone and strength and laser focus on specific muscle groups. 

Ideally, you will need two to three pairs of dumbbells of varying weights to get the most from sculptors. 

Note: A guide on using the correct weights is available in The Exercise Handbook located in www.teambodyproject.com/additional-resources

Sculptors are excellent for: 

  • Busting plateaus 

  • Improving body shape

  • Improving metabolic rate 

  • Increasing workload with a low impact option

  • Strengthening muscles and improving bone density 

  • Focusing on improving specific muscle groups 

Sculptors work especially well when paired with cardio workouts. 

You can learn more about Sculptors and how to get the most from them in our Sculptors handbook located in www.teambodyproject.com/additional-resources

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