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What AvD stands for?
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AvD stands for Alex versus Daniel. 

Notably, whilst the workouts loosely feature Daniel and Alex trying to 'defeat' one another with exercises, this is a front. We all know Daniel could never beat Alex, so the name is used mostly so Daniel feels better about himself. 

Alex Crushes Daniel (AcD) would be more appropriate. 

These workouts are light in nature and usually a little less structured, with a focus on fun. Edits are almost non existent and there is a 'live' feel to the majority. There is plenty of banter, which is rarely serious, relevant or even interesting. If you're looking for a workout that delves deep on technique and form, these are unlikely to be for you.

You're more likely to hear Daniel and Alex arguing about who puts the trash out or whether Daniel talks in his sleep, than knee placement for a squat. 

These workouts are usually multi level and will feature a mixture of styles, unless stated otherwise in the title.

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