Our members have many different set ups but everybody has been able to find a way to watch Team Body Project workouts via their television.

Watching workouts via your TV Modern televisions may have a web browser built in, allowing you to watch workouts directly from theTBP website.

 If not, you still have a few good options:

From a PC or laptop PCs and laptops may be connected to a television using either: A suitable HDMI cable A VGA cable (usually a blue connector) A DVI cable Note: Neither VGA nor DVI carry audio, so you will need to use your computer’s speakers.

From a MacBook: Pre-2017 models require a Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI adapter 2017-onwards will need a USB3 to HDMI or USB3 to VGA adapter

From an Android phone or tablet: You may be able to connect wirelessly to your television if both your Android device and television support DLNA A suitable USB to HDMI adapter

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